Welcome to the future of finding work that you want, when and where you want it.
Jobs may be one-offs or could lead to permanent placements – but whatever they are, you remain in control of your waged career.


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Waged Careers

Grow@ is designed to help you, the worker.
If you need work, or have work and need additional jobs to increase your earnings, this service is ideal (and free!) as it can help you find work around the times you are available. The app is easy to use and more importantly, grow@ can help you find opportunities in the locations that you want to work, saving you time and money. If you aspire to getting a better job or earning a higher wage in the future, grow@ gives you a way to broaden your experience, increasing your chance of development.


The importance of taking other jobs

Don’t be defined by your job! You are not what you do, and you can put your hands to many different types of jobs. There are many good reasons to try different types of work.


No matter your age, no matter your education level, there may be a career path for you to grow and develop. The more varied experience you have, the better your chances of successfully finding growth opportunities.


In this time of rapid change, having experience across multiple jobs offer you greater protection from redundancy and increases your chances of re-employment if you lost your primary job.


You may find a greater level of satisfaction from undertaking work that you have not yet tried. New work could provide a new interest.


There may be training and development opportunities in other jobs that are not available to you in the job that you do.

What’s the Cost?

This service is FREE to workers. There is no licencing or usage fee and as our system works on ‘push notifications,’ no additional mobile charges should be incurred by using this system.

Our business model requires that only employers pay a moderate license fee to utilise the system

Earning more

Grow@ puts you in control. Once you have listed where and when you want to work, employers offer jobs when they have work available at those locations and times. You can increase the amount of job offers you receive by following these suggestions:


The more broadly available you are, the more job types you are willing to undertake, and the more locations you are able to work in the more job offers you will receive.

Wage Rate

The more times you are available at your standard wage rate, and the closer this rate is to the minimum wage, the more job offers you will receive.


The more detail you put into your profile; the more appropriate work offers you will receive.

Update Profile

The more updated you keep your availability and location information, the more appropriate work offers you will receive.

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