SME Agreement

No Monthly Region Licence

Our Small and Medium Enterprise package is available to companies employing fewer than 50 FTEs in the job function supported on the app.
Please see our pricing and T&C’s below. To sign up, fill out the form, check the box to signify your agreement, and we will be in contact to give you access to these services.


Candidate & SMS Fees:

  • $26.00 per ‘Successful Search’
  • $6.00 per ‘Confirmed External Assignment’
  • $0.10 per SMS

*See definitions below. 


Optional Services

When you sign up to the Grow@ App, the below additional services are available to you if and when you need them. These services have been created to complement our app and to assist you in getting results.


The Finder:

This is our texting service. We’re able to send a mass text to all of our candidates that match your location requirements, and give you the details of any interested candidates.

  • $26.00 per ‘Successful Search’ and $6.00 per ‘Confirmed Assignment’
  • Finder fees do not exceed a total of $50.00 and $0.10 per SMS utilised


The Accelerator:

Let us advertise on your behalf. Our campaigns attract on average 40% more interest than a traditional job ad

  • Price on application, dependent on advertising costs (circa $250.00)


*All fees are quoted exclusive of GST

Terms & Conditions



    Successful Search

    Confirmed External Assignment

    Known Candidate


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