How to Search on the Grow@ Manager App

Step One:

To get started, create an account. Once you’ve done this, the Grow@ team will receive a notification and will approve your account so you can start searching for workers!

Now you’re all set to go. Begin by selecting the job type you are looking for by activating the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Then enter the basic details of the job, this is the location, date, total daily work hours, and start time.

If required, you can also select the days of the week the job will be on.

When choosing the start time you can select a specific time, or you can select the ‘Jobs Completed Between’ option. This is for those situations where you need a job completed, but don’t require a specific start time.




Step Two:

To choose the wage rate, and if you have specific skills or qualifications required for the job, click the ‘Advanced Search’ button and select what you’re looking for. Remember to increase the wage rate if you are paying above the minimum wage for a job, otherwise, your search will be limited only to those employees prepared to work at the minimum wage.

You’re now ready to search for candidates so tap the search button!







Step Three:

On this screen, you can see how many people fit your requirements and are available for the job. If a candidate already works for the company you represent, then you will see their name under ‘My Company’ and if they don’t, they will appear under ‘External Candidates’.

At this stage, you are only asking these candidates if they are available and interested in the job, there is no introduction fee charged at this point.

You should select as many candidates as possible to increase your chances of finding the right one. We recommend using the ‘select first 50’ or ‘select 100’ buttons to mark sufficient candidates instantly. Once you’ve selected the candidates you’d like to send a notification too, press send. 





Step Four:

Simply fill out the address details of the job – candidates will only see this information once they confirm their interest in the job – and it’s useful for your records so you can manage your jobs accurately within the app.

It is recommended that you use text notification, but if you do not want to then simply deselect this function. Sending a text means people who are not connected to the internet will still be notified of the job. If the job is urgent, then this is a key feature.

Press ‘Send Now’. 

Your notifications have now gone out to all selected candidates.





Step Five:

You can manage responses to this job on the ‘My Job’ screen. 

See who is interested in the ‘respond’ tab. Here, you can assign people for an interview OR, if they are someone who already works for your company, you will see their name and, if you want to, you can assign them without having to interview them.

You can assign up to 9 people per job. 

An assigned candidate is required to re-confirm that they want to be considered for the job, after which you will receive their name and phone number – find this in the ‘assigned’ tab.





Step Six:

All you need to do now is give them a call, arrange to meet, and carry out your normal onboarding and recruitment process.










A great idea is to ask them to text you photographs of their important employment documents and you could arrange to interview them right away through video chat.