Are you the right fit?

I am legally entitled to work in New Zealand

By agreeing to this, you declare that you satisfy one or more of the following: you are a NZ Citizen, NZ Resident, Australian Citizen, or Australian Resident, or you hold a valid, open NZ Work Permit or Visa allowing you to work for any Grow@ client.

I am fit and able to safely do manual work.

By agreeing to this, you declare that you do not have any physical or mental health condition or problem that could affect your ability to perform manual work, and that you are reasonably fit and able to carry heavy items, climb stairs, work on your knees and undertake large amounts of walking and prolonged arm movement.

I can understand written and spoken English

By agreeing to this, you declare that you understand spoken English well enough to take moderately complex verbal instruction and are able to read instructions, safety information and chemical labels.  

I am free from drugs and am not dependent on alcohol

Health and safety are very important to Grow@ and its clients.  Therefore, by agreeing to this, you declare that you do not use illicit drugs and are not dependent on alcohol, and that you would submit to a drug or alcohol test if requested to do so by any Grow@ client.

I have a ‘clean’ criminal record

By agreeing to this, you declare that (other than any criminal conviction that may be withheld under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004), you have not been convicted of any crime which may be relevant to work for any Grow@ client (including, but not limited to, any conviction involving children or minors, any sexual offending, any violence, or any theft, fraud or dishonesty), and that you do not have any criminal charge pending before any court.  You also agree that any employment offered to you by any Grow@ client as a result of your use of this service will require that a Ministry of Justice criminal record and/or a Police check be undertaken.