Future Grow@

Grow@ has a growth plan. Whilst the current launch phase is restricted to the development of a data base of workers country wide along with a network of employers keen to offer work, future plans focus on the development of waged career pathway.

Grow@ would like to take steps to encourage workers to diversify, trying their hand at jobs they may not have done before. Further, we would like to assist workers to develop, enabling their progression to more skilled roles – and better paying ones.

App future features that are being developed include:

1. Campaign ordering

The ability for a client to order an advertising campaign in an area in which they are finding low worker participation

2. Candidate prioritisation

The ranking of prospective workers in accordance to their positive response rate, so that workers who maintain their availability accurately are listed first.

3. Title Expansion

To develop more job titles for which clients wish to use the service, broadening worker opportunity.

4. Area licencing

The ability to limit use to a small geographic area, where certain roles would benefit from a ‘worker sharing’ model.

5. User ranking

Attributing points to company and worker users, offering incentives and rewards to high volume users.

Services that are being developed include:

1. Generic Vocational Skills Training

Developing programmes to increase a worker’s chances of successfully securing jobs, including interview skills, cv writing.

2. Skills Training

Offering skills programmes, equipping workers with qualifications necessary to for work they aspire to.

3. Industry partnering

Developing waged career paths and identifying workers for future staffing needs of industries and businesses.