Welcome to the future of finding cleaners. Grow@ is a searchable database of workers looking for employment at certain times of the day and in specific locations, ongoing or once-off.


Teams on tap

The days of running expensive and lengthy job ad campaigns are over! As are using your workforces ‘friends and whanau’ network to recruit workers for short-notice jobs.

Grow@ gives you access to workers who have already accepted the times, locations and wage rates of the job type you are recruiting for. You can even use the system to access your company’s existing workers who are willing to work additional hours at certain times and in certain locations. This has the potential to lower staff turnover as workers are given more opportunities to increase their hours.

The system is equally useful for finding workers to fill last-minute unscheduled jobs or permanent roles. No lead time – none – just enter the specifics of the job you have available, and immediately receive a list of existing employees available for assignment, or external candidates to interview.

You are able to communicate to numerous candidates simultaneously (confirming their interest) and assign a worker (for existing employees) or schedule a meeting (for external candidates) through the app on your phone.

What’s the Cost?

We are a very affordable alternative to traditional recruitment practices. We have an SME package available as well as an approach appropriate for large employers.

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In App Searches

Searching the database of available, locations specific workers is designed to be fast and simple, but still able to closely match the unique needs of the job.

Simple, quick search

Searching can be pre-set by job type, enabling a manager to quickly find workers available to work at a specific start time or in a specified time window. With our new multiple candidate feature, you can also assign and/or interview up to nine candidates per job. 

Select Multiple Days

This feature allows for employers to search for casual, part time and permanent roles across multiple days. 

Advanced Search

Advanced search functions include a host of significant criteria associated with each job type. This feature can be very useful for a company using it to assist with allocating existing employees to jobs requiring specific skills or certifications.

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