Winter 2020


This year we have made some major headway in the commercial cleaning industry. Workers now have more opportunity than ever to find cleaning work with the Grow@ App – and we’re only just getting started!


As a worker, you can set your desired availability, wage rate, and location on the Grow@ App. You can also include any skills and qualifications you have, and with the growth of our business, workers are finding it easier and easier to find jobs that suit them. 


We like to give our signed-up workers up to date tips on how to use our app. So, read below to get some answers to a few of our frequently asked questions.


How can I get the most out of Grow@?


You can benefit by making sure that your profile is up to date.


Some workers already have jobs, but need to find a few extra hours of work. Other people are looking for full-time work. We also have workers that use Grow@ to find one-off jobs as perhaps they happen to have an extra day off that week, or are looking for additional income for a short period of time, or are on annual leave from their normal work. Whatever the reason, Grow@ can help you find the hours you are looking for – but this only works if you keep your profile up to date and frequently make sure that your availability screen reflects when you’re free to work.


If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, you’re missing out! Click the links below to download from the App Store or Google Play!


Am I locked in?


One week you may need five extra hours work, another week you might need an entire day worth of work, and some weeks you might have no extra availability at all. Whatever you set your availability screen to is not locked in – you can change this as your schedule changes. However, if you confirm an assignment or an interview, the employers do expect you to show up – of course, you would have confirmed that you wanted the role, so this shouldn’t be a problem!


How can I make my profile better?


We recommend that you fill in the ‘Skills and Qualifications’ section under ‘My Profile’ in the app. This means that when employers are searching for specific skills/experience, you will appear in their search, making your chances of finding work that suits you even greater.




Have you thought about adding a profile picture to your profile? Just seeing your face on the app gives you a huge advantage over other candidates, because you become “real” to the employer, not just an anonymous icon. To do this, simply head to the ‘Profile’ section in your app, and tap on the camera icon at the top of the screen. Now add your profile picture and you’re done!


If you have any questions or feedback, then please email