We would like to send out a huge grow@ thank you for your support as we have launched our app. The service is taking off like wildfire among both workers and employers, and we are all set to achieve great things in 2020. We are thrilled to be able to assist both employers and workers GROW.


If you haven’t yet downloaded the app, then click on an icon below!

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Tips & Tricks

There are a few common mistakes made when setting up a profile and using the app, so follow the steps below to make sure you’re getting the most out of grow@.

    1. You will get better opportunities if you are very clear about the locations you really want to work in. There is no point being bothered by notifications for work you can’t do (like if it’s miles away or at a time you really don’t want to work), so update your availability and restrict your locations to those that really will work for you – better outcomes for all!
    2. If you have worked for a services company before, please put this in your profile under ’employment’. This will not decrease your chances of getting a job at all, it means companies you have worked for can see who you are, and are more likely to place you in a job as they know you
    3. Create an accurate profile. You have the ability to update your profile whenever you want. It’s important to make sure that your availability is up to date so that you are being offered jobs you can do.
    4. If you have limited transport then ensure you are selecting areas you can get to easily and if you have your own transport, be realistic with how far you are willing to travel for work.


Wahoo! We have just reached 1,000 candidates that have downloaded and registered on the app. We have eager workers ready to accept jobs in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Tauranga (and a few in regional New Zealand). The Grow@ App has facilitated a whopping 2,125 communications between worker and employer with push button ease, and is only just getting started!

Coming Soon!

New job titles are going to be added to the app – driving, traffic control, and labour roles will soon be available. We are working on figuring out how to help you gain the necessary certificates to work across all jobs, and will be coming back to you in the new year with an exciting way in which you could work in all fields on offer. From there you can pick the one you like best, or the one you see as having the most opportunities for your future. Be patient and stick with us – it’s free and could see you GROW in 2020!


Have Questions?!

Please email info@growatapp.com anytime!