Autumn 2020

No one really knows the extent of change that the current COVID-19 crisis will bring, but what we can be sure of is that money is going to be tight, and we are going to need access to as many opportunities as possible. That’s where we can help. Keep reading to learn about our new app features and our best tips to make the most out of the Grow@ App.


Stay safe.


New Features

Over the past few months we have added lots of great new features, and the app has become more popular than ever. To keep you in the loop, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know!


More job types

You can now select to find work in: Cleaning, Security, Catering, Events, Labour, Driving and Traffic Control. If you are interested in any of these job types then make sure you select them by opening the app and going to: profile/employment details/types of jobs. 

Tell us your skills and qualifications

With new job types comes more skill and qualification details. Under your profile, tap into ‘Skills and Qualifications’ and answer the easy questions under each job type. It’s very important to let the app know if you have a certain certificate or qualification so that employers can find you.

Keep it current

Make sure that you keep your availability up to date in the app. It is very important that you list only locations in which you are seeking work (go to profile/personal information/work location) and set the days and times that you are available (tap into the availability icon on the bottom of your screen).

Minimum Wage

We have changed the app to list the new Minimum Wage amount. If you have set your minimum earnings above the minimum wage, consider changing it back as you could be included in a lot more job searches and offered more jobs. 


When you get a notification, respond, even if you are turning down the opportunity. If you get an assignment invitation, accept it quickly. If you have kept your location and availability up to date, you should be in a position to accept the job opportunities that are offered. 


If your phone doesn’t automatically update your app, then you’ll need to make sure you are updating regularly. To do this, search ‘GrowAtApp’ in the App Store or Google Play and select the update button. If you don’t update, you could be missing out on our latest features! 

Where we are

It’s been a crazy ride so far, and we’re still (and always will be) working hard to make the app the best it can be. At Grow@ workers come first, and our goal is to help you find more work, have flexibility and feel empowered knowing that you’re working towards improved skills, greater experience and increased earnings. If you have any questions about how to use our app, we have a fantastic customer service team waiting to answer your queries, so please get in touch for anything and everything! Email us at
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