The Living Wage in NZ Is Frequently Misunderstood in New Zealand – so Here Are Some Facts:


  • The Living Wage is set in New Zealand by the Anglican Social Services Trust Board, formerly the “Anglican Family Centre”, now “The Family Centre”
  • Their “New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Unit” calculates the Living Wage annually
  • They are a non-governmental organisation and a registered charity
  • The  Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand, an incorporated society, comprises union, faith and community/secular groups to campaign for a Living Wage
  • The Living Wage is a theoretical wage rate that would be required in New Zealand for a family of four—with two working adults, working a combined total of 60 hours per week – to live decently and to participate actively in society
  • The Living Wage, Cleaning MECA and Minimum Wage history has been:

Note: The MECA rate listed for 2021 is only “proposed” at this stage, and has yet to be ratified by the parties. If this is ratified, it will come into effect on 1 July (with some conditions). 

The Living Wage Rate for 2021 will come into effect 1st September.