Autumn 2020

No one really knows the extent of change that the current COVID-19 crisis will bring, but what we can be sure of is that we are all going to need to be carefully watching the dollars, and considering new ways of performing functions more efficiently. 


After taking in your feedback, we have made some big improvements to our app that will help you find workers more efficiently, for an even better price. 


New Features:

Multi-Day Search

You can now search for people available on multiple days. Simply select the starting date of the job and what days you need a candidate to work. People available on these days will appear in your search.

Multiple Candidates

The option to select more than one candidate to assign per job has arrived! You now have the option to assign/interview more than one candidate per job.

New pricing has also been applied to enable this feature to be used for only $6 per additional person assigned!

More Job Types

Companies can now search for Cleaning, Security, Events, Catering, Traffic Control, Labour and Driving workers, as well as applying advanced searching options for specific qualification or skill requirements.

Please get in touch with us at should you or anyone in your team need training in these new features or any other aspect of using the app.

Some key SEARCH tips:

If you can, search for jobs that come available within the next 7 days – you will get a better response rate and will have time to conduct the interview/application process.

We recommend that you always use the SMS/text notification option

If you intend on paying more than the minimum wage, change the wage rate in the ‘advanced search’ screen as you will access many more candidates in your search.





What’s next:

We are looking at making further changes to the app. These include:

  • enabling notifying large numbers of candidates with a single button,
  • listing the most responsive candidates first in any search, and
  • developing an Australian version!