More Updates!


We never stop tweaking and improving the Grow@ App. So this month, we’re excited to announce the following updates:


Search Enhancements 
  • You now have the option to assign/interview up to 9 people per job search. You do not need to do anything to make use of this feature – the app will automatically give you the ability to assign 1 to 9 people in the last step of the search process – simple. 
  • When selecting candidates to notify of your job, you can now easily choose 50 or 100 candidates with our new ‘select’ buttons, making your selection process happen in a matter of milliseconds.

Candidate Prioritisation 
  • Our best and most responsive candidates will now appear at the top of your job searches – meaning that you are more likely to make a hire and avoid time wasters.
  • Your own company’s employees can now be added for your company’s exclusive use, so no other employer can search their profile. Great for offering additional work to those already on your books!
Remote Interviewing
    • We recommend using the ScanGuru or Tiny Scanner app for candidates to forward their documents to hiring managers for interviews. Find ScanGuru on the App Store and Tiny Scanner on Google Play. Another option is to simply text assigned candidates and ask them to send a photograph of the documents you need.
    • In line with current safety practices, we recommend using WhatsApp, Zoom or one of the many other meeting apps to conduct interviews remotely. Simply text the assigned candidate this information when you set up your interview.


Updates like this dramatically improve the search function of our Manager’s App and play a major role in saving you time and money through helping you find workers, now.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions via