Is Your Recruitment Process Costing You Your Best Cleaning Candidates?

Most cleaners I know don’t have CVs. In fact, I have spoken to many experienced cleaners who will not even consider applying for a job that requires a written application. Frequently, our cleaning personnel are second language English speakers, have poor access to computers, poor word processing skills, and a lack of confidence when it comes to written work. That is not to say they lack the literacy skills required for cleaning work (for example, reading chemical labels, SDS sheets, work instructions or filling in handover books) – but it is to say that, requiring written applications, cover letters and CVs when recruiting cleaners is a huge barrier to finding suitable personnel. It’s like requiring a driver to have a pilot’s licence! Completely unnecessary.


Further, I have looked at countless CVs submitted by candidates for cleaning roles – and have gleaned very little additional insight into their suitability that I did not already establish from the application questionnaire. In fact, I noted that many of the CVs are from the same internet template, forcing the applicant to attempt to shove relevant cleaning skills and experience into a generic proforma resume.  


Besides using well designed application processes incorporating forms with drop-down options (or the Grow@ App that uses that process for candidate acceptance), rather pick up the phone. Ask.


As you will know, you need to establish that the candidate:

  • understands the reality of commercial cleaning work;

  • has a history (or a level of responsibility) to fulfil attendance commitments;

  • has appropriate transport options;

  • has the skills / or a history of learning skills / or an openness to learning new skills;

  • fulfils your employment pre-requisites (e.g.: the right to work in NZ/Australia, criminal convictions status, physical ability, drug and alcohol concerns, age, etc).


Once that’s done, and if you then still have the luxury of choice, move on to specific skills and experience that may be required by the job you have.


Ensuring that your processes are designed to get the most out of potential candidates is absolute key in finding the right people – so what are you waiting for? It’s time to look at your current process, and potentially give it a re-gig… and use the app!


– André Reynolds, Founder.