End Of Year Wrap Up 2020

In the cleaning and facilities services industry in New Zealand, labour resourcing is the single biggest threat to operations over the next year. As we know from the historical struggle to find cleaners in Northland, New Zealand’s region of highest unemployment, there is not a positive correlation between increased unemployment and increased access to entry level workers. With immigrants and international students now in short supply, finding cleaners and other entry level workers is set to become significantly harder.

Not only do facilities services businesses need to develop new labour pools from which to source employees, they also need to embrace new methods to engage these labour pools. Further, and most importantly for large employers, they need to ‘optimise’ their existing workforce to ensure they offer their teams as many earning opportunities as they may wish to take on before appointing new cleaners. This drive for packaging more sustainable employment not only achieves the positive social outcomes that we all strive for as employers, but also results in significantly reducing staff turnover.


It is precisely these aspects of labour resourcing and optimisation that the Grow@ App supports, which our clients have enjoyed the benefits of in 2020.

We are extremely appreciative of our existing clients, who have been successfully utilising the App to grow their competitive advantage whilst supporting our locally developed NZ business. We are thrilled to have become such an integral part of there sourcing process for these operations, and to have given so many companies a greater sense of security in tendering for new opportunities and committing to service levels for existing clientele.

We would like to remind smaller operators about our SME offer. We support SME operations through offering free use of the Grow@ App for 2021 and beyond.


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