If you really want to thank your cleaner…

Tomorrow is Thank Your Cleaner Day – a great initiative to recognise the frequently invisible workforce that clean our built environment. Of course, this year we owe an even larger expression of gratitude to cleaners. Not only have these essential workers contributed to the safety of all of us, but they have also done so by continuing to perform their duties during a time of significant fear.

It must be said that facilities services businesses across New Zealand and the BSCNZ do a great job of informing clients and the public about marking the day and recognising the hard work of their teams.

Recognition is vital, both for the wellbeing of cleaners and as a reminder to clients of the value that they receive from cleaning services. However, the vast majority of cleaners I have spoken to have more pressing basic needs – all related to sustainable employment. In New Zealand, Work and Income is the largest labour pool competitor to facilities services organisations. Alongside wage rate, access to additional hours of work is a key factor. Many cleaning and facilities services companies do not have internal systems to offer newly available work to their existing teams (so that their existing cleaners can use their discretionary hours of availability to earn more, should they choose to).

Some businesses have used the Grow@ App to load their own cleaners onto the system, enabling them to exclusively assign their available cleaners to a new job before using external candidates, and to be introduced to external candidates immediately if they can’t staff a job from their team. This reduces cost and lead-time whilst driving efficiency and staff retention. Why wouldn’t you?

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