Optimise your Cleaning Teams


Would you like an even more efficient operation? The ability to rapidly respond to client needs through the provision of additional personnel? Better retention of your cleaning teams?


The Grow@ App allows you to manage your existing cleaning staff efficiently and cost effectively, whilst also giving you access to a pool of external candidates looking for cleaning work. You simply encourage your existing cleaners onto the app (they remain exclusive for your use only), run job searches, and see which of your staff members’ extra availability suits your job. Then assign them to the additional work – all communicated and confirmed through the app.


A recent analysis we conducted of managers who are using the Grow@ Manager App indicated that 90% of staff assignments were confirmed – meaning that when managers were notifying their existing available staff through our app of extra job opportunities, 90% of these jobs were accepted by their existing team members.


Not only did this eliminate the need for managers to communicate with their teams individually, it also meant they didn’t need to hire someone else and were able to offer their existing staff more hours/income – this significantly reduced the lead-time and the cost of their recruitment process. We call this feature “the Optimiser”!


If there was ever a time to drive efficiency and staff retention in a business, it’s now. If the Optimiser sounds like it could be useful to you, please get in touch with André via andre@growatapp.com, or click here to fill out our contact form, and let’s see how we can help you grow.