Grow@ is a mobile app that connects businesses with available workers, based on when and where they can work.

About Grow@

We connect employers with workers – simple!


Grow@ is a mobile app that connects employers with workers based on the requirements of a job. We believe in providing more opportunities and growth for both employers and workers through closing the recruitment gap. All too often workers are looking for more hours while employers are in desperate need of workers – but the two parties aren’t connecting. Grow@ solves this problem. 

For Workers: We notify you of jobs that match when and where you want to work. You can then choose if you want to accept an interview and an employer will be in touch with you.


For Employers: You search our database of workers based on your job requirements. You are then able to notify workers who match your job with the press of a button – then interested candidates will to come to you!

André Reynolds


André is a problem solver. His 20-year corporate career as human resources professional in the facilities services and hospitality industries exposed him to the persistent business problem of labour supply – along with the reality of limited prospects of progression for entry level workers, and their daily struggle to achieve sustainable employment.

Grow@ represents a solution to these problems, designed by André as an initial step with a broader journey in mind.

Scarlet Allen

Marketing Executive

Scarlet is much quicker to ask “why not” than “why”, which has placed her as the ideal first member of the grow@ team. Her strong work ethic, well calibrated moral compass, creative flair and dogged focus on the task at hand has seen her turn the chaos of a start-up into a strategy. She is involved in her own entrepreneurial pursuits, and has previous experience in public relations work along with associated qualifications.

Her role of heading up the marketing and public relations activities of grow@ is both challenging and exciting, as is her other more varied portfolio of “everything else”. Her energy is sure to keep things growing at grow@.